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STEM Veterans USA was founded in 2016 to connect veterans in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with internships and jobs. We help veterans get their resumes together, and get those resumes to the recruiters looking for tech skills and STEM degrees.

Our mission is to connect veterans in STEM with opportunity through Internship, Employment, Research, and Networking.

Your donation will help us reach veterans across the nation and provide a pipeline to rewarding careers after their service!

Student veterans must balance their personal lives with their scholastic responsibilities and have limited time and resources to find internships, scholarships, research opportunities, and networking opportunities. Internships are a crucial component of a student’s professional portfolio to help them secure employment upon graduating. Many entry-level jobs are given to students that have completed an internship since the company was able to evaluate the student without going through the full-time hiring process.


Many transitioning veterans have specific and in-depth technical training and skills from their service and these veterans are highly sought after by companies. Veterans also may use their GI Bill benefits to pursue technical degrees instead of 4-year STEM degrees and these veterans are extremely valuable to companies as well. These technical programs are very intense and time-consuming and they have limited time and resources to find new hire positions.

There are many veterans with technical skills and STEM education that have been in industry and are considered experienced candidates. These veterans are still vigorously sought after by companies as well.

STEM Veterans USA’s Value Proposition is that we will be a hub to increase the number of these potential candidates for companies, and increase the opportunities for the veteran.

If you are a veteran or soon to be a veteran with technical skills from your service, we want to help you find employment.

If you are a student veteran in a STEM discipline, we want to help you find an internship, research opportunities, and eventual employment.

If you are an experienced worker and veteran, we are there for you as well.

For more information connect with us at

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